Here is some practical information about how the over ninety homeopaths using the Quinn Dispensing Kit typically dispense remedies to their patients. They have found the Kit to be of great value to their practice and I believe that you and your patients will benefit from having the remedy in your office and ready when they need it rather than waiting for UPS to deliver it. My experience in filling over 180,000 prescriptions at my Pharmacy has shown me that these remedies are of the highest quality. I guarantee to you that I will continue to prepare the highest quality remedies available.

The contract requires that a total of $400.00 be sent to the Pharmacy when you have dispensed 44 remedies. If you were to charge $10.00 per remedy, this would provide $440.00 or more than you need to send with each refill page. One could make a distinction in price based on potency, but charging the same price for all potencies is the simplest method. If you wish to charge based on potency here for your review is our current price schedule.

6C, 12C, 30C = $11.95 200C = $17.95 1M = $19.95 10M = $23.95

Over the years our price schedule has been used for over 180,000 prescriptions. Patient comments have run 8 to 1 in surprise at the low cost of the remedies. However, there are indigent patients for whom the price is too much. No one has ever been turned away from the Pharmacy because they didn't have the money for their prescription. This policy has actually been built into the contract for the Kit. For example, if you were to charge $10.00 per remedy, you would have the $400.00 you need to send in with the refill page after dispensing 40 remedies. You would then be able to dispense 4 out of every 44 remedies at no charge to indigent patients or to patients needing more than one remedy at no cost to you. Perhaps a mother with three children comes in and they all need a remedy but she has limited financial resources. You could dispense a remedy to all four of them for just one $10.00 charge making the per remedy cost for 4 remedies only $2.50 each. This would allow you to dispense still another remedy to an indigent person on that page of the Log and still receive from patients the $400.00 per page as agreed in the contract.

However there is nothing in our agreement that states what you can or cannot charge. You are free to charge what you wish. Many homeopaths with the Kit charge $15.00 for each remedy from the Kit to cover their handling charge. They take in $660.00 per 44 remedies for a net of $260.00, or forty percent, per 44 remedies, one page of the Log book.

The Pharmacy is still available to send remedies to your patients who live at a distance from your office and prefer that the remedy be shipped to them. For acutes in your long distance patients and for constitutional cases where you have studied the case several days before prescribing, the Pharmacy will be happy to ship the remedy directly to your patient at the above prices plus shipping and handling and bill them directly.

I know that this Kit can be a successful addition to your office and if you have any questions at all please call us.