"Before using the Quinn Remedies, I felt as though I were a fine cabinetmaker using broken, rusty, dull, old tools. Now, I have a brand new set of sharp tools of the highest quality."
- Roger Morrison, M.D.

Designed to provide an extensive set of remedies in your office, you will find The Quinn Dispensing Kit (QDK) simple and economical to use. The QDK was designed by Hahnemann Labs founder Michael Quinn to make prescribing the highest quality remedies convenient and affordable for our professional customers.

The Quinn Dispensing Kit (QDK)

- 4 cabinets, each with 60 drawers.
- 240 remedies, ranging from the most common to more rare remedies
- Each remedy drawer includes the standard potencies of 30C, 200C, 1M and 10M (if available)
- Almost 1400 half dram vials in total
- Option for customization at time of order
- Each vial is sealed and individually labeled for product safety and professional dispensing


At Hahnemann Labs, nothing is more important to us than your confidence in the remedies you prescribe. When we speak to homeopaths that carry the QDK in their office and experience its benefits firsthand, they tell us that it is the quality of our remedies that sets Hahnemann Labs apart.


The QDK provides almost 1400 vials in your office. Each vial is labeled and ready to dispense to patients in a professional and safe manner. Patients will be pleased and reassured that you have the exact remedy and potency that they need right there in your office, enabling them to begin their treatment right away.

How to Get a QDK

We offer the QDK on a consignment basis. After you have completed theĀ QDK contract, we will send a fully stocked QDK and ask that you record each remedy as you dispense it on the Dispensing Record included in your QDK shipment. When your Dispensing Record is full, return it to Hahnemann Labs; the 44 remedies you have provided to your patients will be automatically processed and shipped. This simple tracking method is all that is necessary for the convenience of over 240 remedies in your office. We find that practitioners who prescribe at least 2 remedies per day have the greatest satisfaction from the QDK.

Hahnemann Laboratories is committed to the practice of homeopathy at the highest level. We require a $195 non-refundable setup fee, plus prepayment for the first two refill pages at $400 per page of 44 remedies. The total setup fee amounts to $995.

* The uses for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.