Update for Ranchers of Organic Dairies and Cattle Operations

Posted by April Eya on July 6, 2016


We are excited about the enthusiastic interest in our upcoming presentation:  Homeopathy for the Health of Livestock on Tuesday, July 19 at 10:00 AM at the Point Reyes Station Presbyterian Community Church.

Our presentation will feature two veterinarians, Dr. Barbara Fishelson, DVM (UC Davis), certified Veterinarian Homeopath, green MBA, and Dr. Noel Crymble, BVSc, BSc (Animal Science), (Massey University, New Zealand), with Sandy Duveen, classically trained homeopath, horse owner of West Marin, & former volunteer at the Morgan Horse Ranch, and Helga Alessio, VP Quality Assurance at Hahnemann Labs., San Rafael.

We want to let you know that since the time that I set up the venue for this presentation, we were not able to locate a local homeopathic veterinarian that has experience working with dairy or cattle operations.  I do not want to create an expectation in people’s mind that any of our speakers is a homeopathic veterinarian with experience in treating dairy/beef cattle on huge livestock production facilities since the initial focus of our talk was organic dairy farming.

Dr. Fishelson is a long time veterinarian with experience treating sheep and goats.  Ms. Alessio will discuss the international veterinarian research studies in the care of dairy cows.  We have information concerning homeopathic treatment of cattle.

Homeopathy is not species specific, and both Dr. Fishelson and Dr. Crymble could easily apply their training to treat cows, elephants, giraffes, lions…, and so on.  The homeopath draws on their homeopathic knowledge and philosophy and simply treats the symptoms – same as for people, cats, dogs, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, dairy cows, and cattle – in general.

This presentation is to introduce the concept of homeopathy as a viable, effective, gentle, natural, cost-effective choice for restoring, maintaining, and enhancing the health and wellbeing of livestock. In addition to Dr. Crymble’s introduction of homeopathy and its application to care of livestock, Dr. Fishelson will talk about specific first aid situations and their appropriate homeopathic remedies and touch upon next steps with chronic cases. Besides Helga’s presentation of evidence based international veterinarian research studies in the care of dairy cows and other species, we will distribute a summary of the research with links to these studies.

Registrants will receive a sample of our unique high strength homeopathic Arnica that now has five research studies demonstrating its efficacy in reducing swelling and bruising after major trauma.

Our purpose is to plant the seed about homeopathy, and we are excited to see what comes from it. Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to seeing you!

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