Arnica for You and Your Horse?

Posted by Helga Alessio on July 15, 2016

Even the Queen of England knew that Arnica is best used as a homeopathic preparation if you got kicked by your horse, or your horse was injured.

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  1. Bob says:

    Several years ago a horse-friend was slowly recovering from a knee replacement surgery that left him depressed for months. The vet was stymied. It was sad to visit my friend while the horse seemed not his usual friendly, sociable self.

    My practitioner had recommended Arnica Montana 1M from a SINECCH blister pack for the horse. A few days later I visited my friend, ready to offer him the white medicated sugar pellets. He just stood there in his recovery stall, head down, and barely looked at me when I talked to him. Water and a flake of green hay stood untouched in the stall corner.

    Inadvertently, I had picked up the Arnica 12C by mistake. Undaunted, I decided to give my friend the Arnica 12C anyway. The question to me was how to get some capsules into his mouth. My only idea was to empty three capsules into the palm of my hand, trying to corral the zillion little loose pill critters until I could press my palm against his lips, gently pressing until some pills worked their way into his mouth. My buddy, figuring this was treats, then opened up and licked the rest of the pills out of my palm. There was a loud sound of crunching from his chewing on the sugar pellets.

    Within a mere moment or two, his head came up with a twinkle in his eyes. I scratched his head a few times and he turned away from me! The next thing I knew, the horse stepped over to the water bucket for a drink. Immediately followed by devouring the flake of hay. I had witnessed a transformation to his being his old horse-self again.

    A few days later, I returned to visit my friend again, and this time gave him a palm-full of Arnica 1M from the SINECCH blister pack. He was much better looking, but I offered the Arnica 1M. He licked up the pellets with no coaxing.

    A week later I returned to the ranch and his stall was empty. A wrangler pointed to a horse grazing out on the lawn. My friend was again perky, sociable, and very personable. The wrangler told me no one could figure out what happened to revive this depressed horse who had labored to recover from knee replacement surgery months before. The word “miracle” was used by a groom in conversation. The vet had no clue about how this horse so suddenly recovered his spirit.

    I couldn’t tell them, he’s not my horse. But, Patrick and I know.

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